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i carry it with me

By now you might expect I’ll have a word for the new year. Again.

And I do.

It’s multi-layered, a word that shows up as a noun, a verb, even an adverb. For a word nerd like me, that’s sweet.

In the past, I’ve listed definitions for my word. I’ve talked and written about how I hoped the word would guide me through the year, anticipating ahead of time how it might ripple out.

Rather than letting the word percolate in its own way, I’ve set up expectations – a virtual to-do list for my word. Then the last couple of years kicked my ass.

Right now, I’m feeling pretty humble. Like that snail up there.


That’s my word. This year, I want to approach the word differently, staying open to what it might mean to me. I have some ideas, and maybe I’ll write about them as the year unfolds. For now, it feels good to just breathe in the word.

It feels good to just breathe.

Happy new year, everyone. My hope for you – health, peace, and love.






  1. Catherine Reply

    I think that snail looks pretty resiliant

    • Jet Reply

      Agreed. Do you see the state of his house/home? I think this guy has been through a storm or two.

      I was thinking of the humility of a creature that wanders around on the sidewalk and the earth (dirt and flowers!), constantly at risk of being crushed by the big and heavy ones. And the humility of a creature that moves through the world at its own damn pace, not being rushed by another.

      Humble isn’t a bad feeling – more that it takes things to basics, makes things pretty simple. Breathing = good.

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