note to self


Preparing for this new year has come more slowly than usual. I am remembering to pace myself. And looking for ways to be kind to myself. My online community is full of inspiration for this.

Joy writes notes to herself.

Johanna does, too.

Erin Loechner writes non-goals for the year, as well as “regular” goals.

These sound fun. I might give ‘em a whirl.

The selfie below was mostly accidental. I was trying to capture the afternoon light on the Greek worry beads we brought back for Ed, when I noticed my reflection in the dark photo frame glass on the same table.

I love that afternoon light.


  1. Katie @ cakes, tea and dreams Reply

    My preparation for the new year has been slow, too. I think that’s all right. These photos, by the way, are lovely.

    • Jet Reply

      Thank you, Katie. I am finally getting my footing on this year/month/week. Pacing myself is key. So is taking care of myself while I’m taking are of others. And I’m letting what I’ve done be enough. Your post on that was beautiful, inspiring, and grounding.

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